Workshop “Meetoo”

In partnership with Mira, I’ll join Valeria Pierdominici Genovesi and Meri Erkkila in this series of workshops, integrating psychotherapy, psychodrama and dance therapy.

For all women interested in learning how to set their boundaries with men, partners, friends. Together we’ll work with women through role playing, movement and psychodrama to learn how to live life emotionally safer, telling what we want to tell and creating healthy relationships.

Women with traumas are welcome, and women wanting to know more about themselves and their approach to relationships at work, in the family and society.

You can achieve all you want if you can liberate yourself from fear!

We have a separate group for men too, to learn how to understand women boundaries.

Valeria is a silent activist defending the right to be different in a social madness, philanthropist and therapist of expat, high performers and individuals coming from all over the world. She believes in non violent communication as a tool for happiness.

All members of this group have to respect each person privacy and do not share with anyone what they hear in the #meetoo Amsterdam.

15 places per Saturday

To participate in this event subscribe by writing to:
with name, surname, age – please let us know if you have a trauma.


Every last Saturday of the month 2017/2018. From 13:00 to 16:00.

Next days planned:

Saturday NOV 25 2017
Saturday DEC 30 2017
Saturday JAN 27 2018
Saturday FEB 24 2018
​Saturday MAR 31 2018

Follow us to be always up to date on the coming workshops.

Knowmads Business School Amsterdam
Ferdinand Huyckstraat 62 | 1061 HW Amsterdam