During 4 hours I’ll lead you and the other group members in a search for your own potentialities. I will coach you to work together into raising your energy and boost your inspiration. This will help you to find doors open in different directions and will give you the opportunity to try different approaches when dealing with an old situation.

My workshops are prepared individually with the goal to work a particular subject/matter. Always keeping the main subject in mind, the workshops are directed to everyone interested in investigating and gaining insight into their lives, exploring personal problems, conflicts and life adversities.

With the help of the psychodramatic method, group members will develop creativity and spontaneity, key skills that will enable them to become free from recurrent behaviors and reactions that always lead to the same results. Thanks to this, we become more apt to learn how to deal with conflicts and adversities in a more adequate and original way.

Upcoming Workshops:


“Decision making”

“I am enough”