Workshop “I am enough!”

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We are often told that we must be perfect and we aren’t allowed mistakes when pursuing a life goal, whether at work, in a relationship with a friend, partner or family member. The pressure to be perfect makes us feel stressed, constrained, afraid and eventually frustrated. Frustration leads us to procrastination, kills our proactivity, spontaneity and creativity. It also lowers our predisposition to take risks or just to dare to do anything that hasn’t a fully predictable outcome.

Instead, if we believe in our potential and skills and if we dare to see challenges as possibilities instead of threats, we are much more likely to achieve something good and meaningful without having to be perfect but by just being ourselves. We are enough!

For that we must quiet down our inner critic; we must surround ourselves by people who believe in our potential and are not afraid to remind us of it; we must be brave and dare to face failure as one of the many possible outcomes to our challenges. When we dare we learn: we learn it was worth trying, we learn to be realistic and, in case of failure, we become open to different perspectives, to new ways on how to deal with that challenge or on how to improve. We can not improve if we never try.

Using the psychodramatic method, you’ll have the opportunity to dare and take a risk, try out one or more ways of dealing with a challenging situation and experiment their possible outcomes. All this in a safe and confidential environment.

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Additional info:

The workshop has a duration of 4 hours.
Complimentary tea and biscuits will be available.