Up and Run

In partnership with Wegwijs Counselling & Coaching, we are offering the training “Up and Run” in both English and Dutch.

Course duration:
The duration of the course is 10 weeks.

Recommended for:
– employees who are chronically ill as a result of work overload, depression and/or burnout;
– employees at risk of becoming ill due to work overload, conflicts at work or an imminent burnout or depression;
– for anyone in need for specialized help in regards to physical and/or mental health.

Course overview:
10x Coaching sessions:
The coaching sessions are based on cognitive behavioral therapy. This form of therapy has been proven effective for people with burnout.

10x Personal training sessions:
The personal trainer provides professional supervision of running or walking sessions. If that is not possible, we also offer yoga or pilates.
5x Nutrition sessions (optional):
When necessary there is also the possibility for the employee to participate in a health program given by a nutritionist.

Additional info and rates:
The training as described above has a total cost of € 1550,- + VAT.
Adjustments can be made to a specific need of the employee.

If you would like more information about our training “Up and Run”  or would like to discuss how this course can be tailored to your employee’s needs, please contact me or Wegwijs directly by calling 06 – 82 84 70 62.