Training and Coaching

Workplace researchers have found that adult employees retain just 15% of what they are told in a lecture, compared with 75% of the material presented in an interactive, experiential way.

Sociometry and sociodrama provide a training method to explore a variety of new situations, try on different roles and expand existing skills to handle current and future tasks.

All training and coaching offers will be adapted to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Training offer:
Conflict management in the workplace (in partnership with Wegwijs Counselling & Coaching)
–  Up and Run (in partnership with Wegwijs Counselling & Coaching)
Excelling in Customer Service

Coaching offer:
– Delegating authority
– Prioritizing tasks
– Communicating affectively with employees and peers
– Conducting employee reviews
– Motivating workers
– Creative thinking
– Conquering fear of speaking in public
Defining problems and making decisions
– Raising your EQ

Team building sessions:
This sessions will be tailored to the team’s specific characteristics and needs.
Diversity is both inevitable and valuable in an organization’s life. However, if not well managed, it may be the base of team’s conflicts. The main aim of team building is to develop trust and respect among group members despite their differences. In fact, in a healthy team, this very same differences may become the catalyst of great innovation.

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