“Trust the Process”

A new intensive course starts today at the My StageBoughton Place in Highland. That reminds me of the great experience I’ve had there last January during the Winter Intensive of “Psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy”.

The Boughton Place hosts the original psychodrama stage built by J.L. Moreno in 1936. I can’t imagine a better place to teach, learn and experience psychodrama. The whole setting is inspiring and energizing. Those more sensitive can even feel the cathartic energy that hovers around the room.

From all I’ve learned during that week, I must stress an important lesson: trust the group, the energy and, above all, the process. Our mental health goes beyond our psyche. We must not forget the body, the relationships and the environment. When we consider them all together catharsis is more likely to happen, not only with the protagonist,  but with the whole group.

Thanks to the Winter Intensive 2016 group and to the facilitators Rebecca Walters, Judy Swallow and Deb Shaddy.