My Approach

By combining action methods I’ll help you to make use of the most of your senses, to remember to be spontaneous and to develop your creativity, taking the most out of it for your personal development.

Action methods involve physical, cognitive and emotional movement rather than sitting and talking, as in more conventional methods. Today we know that relevant life experiences – positive and negative – remain imprinted in our body cells forever. We may not remember them, but the body does. If we want to create new, healthy memories, we better involve our body in this process, ensuring a higher efficacy. Not least important is to make sure that the creation and rehearsal of this new memories is done in the safe and confidential environment of the group. This particular environment allows the  clients to express thoughts and behaviors never tried before. As catharsis will happen, the new thoughts and behaviors can then be repeated in real life.

Having Psychodrama as the basis of my approach, I combine it with techniques from sociodrama, sociometry, drama therapy, expressive therapy, improvisational theater, etc.

My motto is “Healing together”, which represents the importance of a group’s dynamic and the way each individual in the group can become a therapeutic agent for one another’s issues. In a life time, we develop and shape ourselves in society, making use of group conceptions and relations. A relational issue should be worked and solved in the same way, rather than individually.