Group Counseling

The weekly group sessions are an ongoing personal growth and training group for adults with a minimum attendance of 10 weeks. This group will use psychodramatic techniques and expressive therapies to explore issues of personal development. Dealing with uncomfortable feelings, issues of trust, shame, relationships, intimacy and career decisions are among the topics that will be explored.

This setting offers you an opportunity to build a confidential, safe and supportive environment with others. You’ll embark on a shared journey, learn more about how you relate to others, enhance self-awareness, creativity, spontaneity and therefore, feel able to explore being and behaving differently in a safe context.
Once you build a positive memory related to a behavior (within the group), you are one step closer to be able to repeat the same behavior with more self-confidence outside the group.

There can be great benefits to sharing difficult and painful life experiences with others. Being heard and recognized can be liberating, empowering and can reduce the feeling of isolation.

If you are interested in becoming part of one of our groups, please fill in this formI’ll contact you shortly for an intake session.