Excelling in Customer Service

We know that happy customers buy more, more often and recommend to others what they have bought. An excellent customer service helps you not only retaining your customers but it also adds value to your organization.

Course duration:
The standard duration of the course is 8 hours, which can be adjusted attending the needs and size of your team.

Recommended for:
Customer care supporters and Service managers who must to face and resolve customer complaints and assure customer’s satisfaction.

Course overview:
This course makes sure your employees are able to deal with complaining, frustrated and angry customers, thanks to the development of the 5 critical Customer Service Skills:

The ability to empathize with the customer and with his frustration is probably the most important skill that a service representative must have. To this one we add positivity, patience, clarity and constant improvement.

Participantes will have the opportunity to development this skills through role play in a non threatening environment. Working in group, in an action setting will bring up creativity and spontaneity, allowing space for new ideas and strategies that one sitting alone may not come up with. 

Additional info and rates:
If you would like more information about this training or would like to discuss how this course can be tailored to your company needs, please contact me.