There are some periods in our life where we might feel stuck. Independently on what is the cause of this feeling and the different strategies used to get rid of it, we seem to not be able to reach a solution.

The counseling sessions are aimed to help adults who would like to reach catharsis, insight, a deeper understanding of themselves and a more meaningful development of their personal and social skills. My approach is strongly based on psychodrama and sociodrama, which facilitates the achievement of the above through role training, creative drama and spontaneity training.

Psychodrama and sociodrama are mainly used in a group context. The way each individual in the group can become a therapeutic agent for one another’s issues is the great advantage of this approach. To this process I call “healing together” which is the motto of my group counseling sessions. In a life time, we develop and shape ourselves in society, making use of group conceptions and relations. Any relational issue should be worked and solved in the same way, rather than individually.

However, not everyone is comfortable exposing their feelings and thoughts in a group. Besides, each case is particular and there may be specific requests which are better worked through individual counseling.

To better understand what exactly is that you hope to achieve, please fill in this form and I’ll then contact you for an intake session.