In group or individually, a safe and confidential environment are very important aspects of the counseling process.

All details and information disclosed in an individual counseling session will remain strictly confidential.
All information disclosed in supervision is also confidential.

In group counseling the responsibility to maintain confidentiality is extended to all group members.
Outside the group clients can share their own work, insights and catharsis, but not those of others. Also, clients should not identify other group members by name or any other identifiable characteristics and associate them with private information disclosed during our sessions.

Although I do respect the confidentiality of information obtained from clients, I may see the need to break the oath in circumstances which may result in danger to the person, him- or herself, or to others. Participants should be informed of the limitations of confidentiality, when appropriate. In these situations I may seek for advice with my supervisor or directly contact the necessary agency/authority.