Helping someone can be as simple as meeting him/her for a coffee or tea

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De Regenboog Groep Amsterdam is looking for new volunteers to help them support all those who in this moment seek help, but are still on a waiting list.

Perhaps you would like to help? It only takes 1hr of your week!
Everyone has the right to a dignified existence. No one chooses to be poor, homeless or addicted. De Regenboog Groep Amsterdam helps people who see themselves intricate in a net of problems and are not able to get out of them by themselves.
How do I help?
On a weekly basis I meet a substance abuser, offering him a healthy and reliable social contact. For someone with an addictive personality and, subsequently, an unhealthy life style (physically, socially and psychologically), this is a valuable contact that can offer new and positive perspectives.
I offer active listening and support to the participant, empathizing with his past and present situation, helping him have a positive perspective for the future.
I help him find creative solutions for the adversities of his life being comprehensive, nonjudgmental, allowing him to share his story, thoughts and feelings.
You can also help! Become a buddy or a coach for someone in need. Visit